Month: August 2021

Gibraltar elopement with Moose Photoshoots - Wedding photo session

I wanted to tell You more about wedding with me in Gibraltar.

Maria & Eoin have come to elope from Ireland. It was just the two of them for this most romantic event. They selected a package with natural photos. They booked me for 2 hours (normally, my wedding package has 1,5 hour and only one place for the photoshoot after the ceremony) and received 50 photos.

Wedding photo session - Gibraltar Marina and Europa Point

During this time we took some photos at the ceremony in the registry office and then we did a photoshoot. First in Gibraltar Marina and than In Europa Point, where the lighthouse is. Wedding was in the middle of the day, so the photos are very bright, full of lights, shades. Let me show them their story through my photography.


Before and after - fine art wedding photography

I'm presenting to You one photo that I have made in two versions. One natural one and one with a vintage style edition. As You know- I'm a fine art photographer, so I can change the photo into a fairy tale picture.


Next time I will present to You the same package with a different couple that trusted me and choose a fine art photo edited package. You will have the possibility to compare and decide which one You like most.

Permission to publish my photos

I need You to be aware that without Your permission to publish my work and Your photos every package costs more. (It is written on my website and in the contract as well).  You probably want to know - WHY? Let me explain.  I’m a photographer and it is very important for me to have the opportunity to share and show my work. I’m spending a lot of time putting my heart into Your pictures. So let’s say that those who agree that I publish have a discount. And those that want to keep their photos private pay normal prices.
That’s why it is very important to understand Your possibilities with me and select the best package for Yourself.

You can see my offer here.



Magical Childhood Photography Awards – July 2021

Photo of July 2021 and first place belongs to:

Anna Jurczak

My name is Ana and I'm from Poland . Photography is my passion:)
Winner pic came out just without any plan. I was with my family in the countryside, and just decided to take some pics of our cornfield. The model was my little cousin Aleksander
I will show more pics from this photo session on my fanpage soon

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Second place:

Leanne Livingstone

My name is Leanne and I'm the face behind LL Photography.
My passion for photography sparked at only 17 years old when I was given my first 35mm film camera. It was a way to express myself and helped me gain the confidence I have today.
I love everything about photography, the families, taking the images, the post editing process and the looks on families faces when they see their images for the first time after they are edited. Makes my heart happy!
I specialise in FINE ART PORTRAITURE, photographing Newborns, Child portraits, Sitters, Maternity, Family, Mama & Me, Cake Smash and Dog Portrait sessions.
I love my art to tell a story and to evoke emotion.
'Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves..' unknown
I LOVE Fine Art Outdoor children’s Portraits! I love creating memories of children and photographing their unique characteristics in nature. I believe all children need to be  explore the world in their own way. I love to capture Children being themselves.
I live in Bonnie Scotland within the Sutherland Part of the Highlands...and yes it is that beautiful! I'm so blessed to be where I am.
This image was a natural shot. If a child is a bit shy I will let them be themselves and follow them with my camera to capture their unique little selves. Such a perfect little model. I’m sure her parents will treasure this memory for years to come.

Thank you so much for choosing my image..I never expected to get that many best yet! I am so humbled and so grateful for the feature.
Thanks again Magical Childhood Photography

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Third Place:

Laura Lazar

I am Laura Lazar, wife and mother of two beautiful boys, currently based in Germany! In the last two years I've been learning, practicing by myself and loving photography so much that I even made a small photo studio in my home! This way I can be closer to my family, they are my everyday inspiration :). This picture that won in July means a lot, because it was my first " real " session in my own little studio! I love photographing in natural light, I love neutral and natural colours, I collect and use in my pictures lots of old/ vintage things, I like to connect with families, to capture emotions, real laughter and also tears.

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Photographer of July 2021:

Marta Grochowska

Hello everyone. My name is Marta and I live in Poland. I always had a very big passion for photography and all kinds of art. For a long time I admired beautiful pictures transformed by photoshop into magical images. So in october 2021 I decided to try to do it myself. Friendship with camera and photoshop wasn't easy at the beginning, but I was constantly learning and practicing to be better and better. My first and main model is my 3 years old daughter Maja. I love the moments when she explores the world, discover new places. We always have so much fun during sessions. Recently I started making photos for others. I love the moment when they look at the photos for the first time and when they are surprised how ordinary places change after editing. What inspires me? In the first place my daughter, but also everything around me - nature, music, dreams, memories, movies .... Thanks everyone for the award, it is a great honor for me. It gives me big wings to go forward.

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