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Magical Childhood Photography Awards - January 2022



Katrin Biendl

I'm a professional photographer, located in Germany. My passion for children, nature and animals is her source of inspiration to capture valuable memories and to freeze unique moments for eternity. I learnt everything about photography by myself and developed my own and very specific style.

Jagoda Kolasinska

Hello, thank you very much for this award! My name is Jagoda Kolasińska and I live near Warsaw, Poland. I have been dealing with photography relatively no long time, although it has always held an important place in my heart. After giving birth to my second child, I was looking for an idea for myself and what I could do in my life. I focused on child and family photography. In my photos, I try to create a story by smuggling a bit of magic, but at the same time keeping it natural. Come to my world!

Nadia Colin

My name is Nadia Colin. As a wife, mother, and children's fine art photographer in Louisiana, USA, I often find myself searching, obsessing, with the details of both life and photography. Before this, I traveled to the most romantic and desired places on earth while working as a graphic designer on cruise ships. During this time, the world itself was my canvas. Traveling to places like Rome or Venice has trained my eye to see the beauty that constantly surrounds us. The way light filters through trees, waterfalls in fields of grass, or the magnificent complexity found in even the simplest flower. Beauty is everywhere in nature, if you look closely enough. These experiences shaped my way of looking at things, and having a family has shaped me even more. Now, it's an absolute joy to combine my love of nature, art, and family to capture a moment in someone's life, a fleeting moment, frozen forever.


Kristen Coverdell

My name is Kristen Coverdell and I am a full time Registered Nurse and Fine art children’s photographer based out of Oklahoma. My passion developed when I had my second child. I enjoy photographing children and high school seniors. My children are definitely my inspiration.

Mirella Komar

My name is Mirella Komar. I am a specialist in tourism and management. I would have never thought that I could ever go into photography. I wasn't looking for it, it found me. Over 6 years ago, I accidentally found a photo on the internet that touched my heart and soul. My camera and I have been inseparable ever since. At first it was my hobby but soon afterwards photography has absorbed me completely and it has become my addication and love. I have been professionally involved in photography fot three years. I mainly do pregnancy and woman’s session. When it comes to chilrden’s sessions, my son is my main model. I could say that the camera and the photos I take with it are my second child.

Michał Otrębski



Osher Eden Pashinsky

My name is Osher Eden Pashinsky. I’m a mother of 3 kids. I’m a professional photographer for 4 years now. I really love nature and miss the simplicity of my childhood . I’m drawn to the nostalgic world so brings it to my world of photography.
I really like photographing children because of their authentic innocence.
Through photography, I connect today’s generation of children to generations from the past.
In this photo , I let two girls go into the river and wash clothes. When I told them that’s how people did their laundry they didn’t believe me. So it was very nice to give them a little taste from the simple life of the past.

Ashley B’s Photography

I'm Ashley Brown with Ashley B's Photography! I am based in Indiana! I am married with four amazing kiddos! I started out my photography journey about 10 years ago doing family photography & portraits, that quickly moved into wedding photography! I love all types of photography and working with different types of people! Over the past few months I have been diving into more a more creative editing style and have really loved photographing children & challenging myself to think outside the box! I love bold edits and have really enjoyed using that style to allow my photos to tell a story! I love learning new techniques and constantly growing as a photographer!

Beatriz Ostros Charro

My name is Beatriz, i love to photograh children, vintage sessions are my fauvorites. I enjoy to plan every detail to create a real atmosfere, I talk with my models. In order to make them to understand what i was looking for, but i let them to be natural. My goal is to learn every day something new to improve, and it is an honor to be fautured by Magical Childhood photography



Monika Osajda

Aldona Szczygieł

My name is Aldona Szczygieł, i'm Polish. I live in the Karkonosze Mountains and I take photos here. I love people! Especially children, because they are the realest. Their emotions and natural behavior have always moved me. Besides, due to my profession (I am a teacher), I love to talk to children, which makes my session work easier. I want to create unforgettable images with my works. I especially love ... Angels;) they inspire me to act.

Tomasz Pacyna

My name is Tomasz Pacyna and I live in Wolsztyn (Poland) - the "city of steam trains". I work as a graphic designer and the photography is my second job, which gives me more artistic freedom than designing graphics for large companies. I deal with both outdoor and studio photography. The most important things in my works are emotions, mood, colors and the light. I like when the photo tells a story.



Magdalena Wiącek

Thank you very much for the award. I am honored and happy. My name is Magdalena Wiącek, I am 43 years old, I live in the small city of Kędzierzyn-Koźle in Poland, where I work in a transport company and photography is my second job. I started taking photos when I was 15 years old, I photographed everything and everywhere, I loved looking at photos but I became so professionally involved in photography many years later. For 15 years I have been photographing mainly people - women and children. Initially, these were only open-air sessions. I have had my studio for a year and I know how many possibilities studio light offers, how I can create the image I want - it's something magical. I love the fine art style. Photography is my passion, love and I cannot imagine my life without it. I don't have to explain anything in words here. I just touch the light and create an image.

Ania Wańczyk

Kathryn Moore Kinsler

Katie Kinsler is a self-taught fine art photo artist, who focuses on magical composites, portraits, and digital paintings. She is passionate about documenting her children’s lives and personalities through her art. When she isn’t making magic, Katie serves her community as Dr. Kinsler, supporting kids through her work as an elementary school assistant principal.


Photographer of January 2022 : Gertrude Goené

Hi, Im Gertrude Goené. I've been photographing for over 13 years. After being a professional (Newborn) photographer for years I deceided to Quit my studio. Now I Only shoot outdoors. And I love IT! I mainly shoot children, Dogs and horses and love to combine Them and tell stories through my photos. My son Aryen (5yo) is my Muse and he loves being a model.

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PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD belongs to: Adi Kronkop

Adi is a Babies,Kids and family Photographer, she is a young mom of three.
She found her passion for kids' photography by creating memories of her own kids.
„My goal is to get the story behind every picture and catch the most magical moments of life.
I find it important to make the shooting day an experience,for both children and parents.“


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Justyna Tętnowska

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