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Communion photosession with Moose Photoshoots in Gibraltar

Do you want to know what is the best way to select the best photographer for your child's communion in Gibraltar? Which offer is right for you? As there are so many offers and photographers in Gibraltar you have every right to feel confused.


Who is the best communion photographer from Gibraltar for you?

First of all you should think about the budget for this purpose. It’s also worthwhile to ask your friends for recommendations. Then look for photographers in the area who specialise in children photography. Each of us specialises in different types of photography. For communion the best will be a person who photographs kids mostly (so no wedding or newborn photographers, because they specialise in reportages or studio photography mostly) and who like children. Then the photographer’s style should reflect your preferences.
If you think about having the communion photoshoot with me it’s absolutely an option. Let me tell you some more about what it looks like.


See my portfolio and get a feeling of which kind of style I practise

My portfolio is available here, there you can find more information and get a feeling of which kind of style I practise. It is one of the most important decisions. If that doesn’t “click” then maybe you should consider to keep looking. Photography is an artistic expression. It’s crucial that the portfolio of the photographer reflects your expectations, that way the chance to get it right is much higher. With me you can choose two types of the photos – my personal natural style, but full of colours, lights and contrasts or fine art. More information about the differences in those styles here: Fine art photography or natural photos - what is the difference?.


Choose the best suited communion photoshoot package from my offer

When you are sure that the portfolio reflects what you would like to see with the final product it’s time to select the best suited communion photoshoot package. Children who are going to the communion are 6-7 years old, so I personally recommend a one hour photoshoot package. There is a 1,5 hours offer where you can choose 2 different places, but it can be strenuous for kids at this age, it’s quite long. We are aiming for a pleasant experience for the children and the parents and would like to avoid bad associations with the photoshoot. The most amazing pictures are taken when a child is excited, happy and relaxed. Usually the first 15 minutes of the photoshoot is focused on getting to know each other and to leave the stress behind.


Communion photoshoot in Gibraltar - how does it look like?

After selecting the package and the place we are booking a photoshoot. The responsibility to prepare the clothes lies with the parents. We can take some pictures with the family members, communion is a very important event for the whole family, I just need to be made aware of the fact that this is what you want so I can properly plan the scenario of the shoot. Please try to arrive on time, because sometimes I have a couple of photoshoots the same day and I can not be late.


When the photos are ready?

The last thing that you must have in mind is that it takes up to 6 weeks to finish editing the photos. That is why you should consider booking early to make sure that the photos are available when you need them. I am usually booked for 3 month in advance, so if you plan to have a communion photoshoot ready in May, you should write to me in January/ February latest. That way we can make sure that everything is smooth and ready for this important event.


Click on the photo to see it in the lightbox view.


Magical Childhood Photography Awards - February 2022



Jessi Brancatti

I’m a professional photographer, located in Córdoba, Argentina. I’ve been photographing for over 7 years. After being a professional Newborn photographer for years, I decided to shoot outdoors and I love it! I really love nature, my passion for children, nature and animals is my great source of inspiration to capture and freeze unique moments for eternity. I enjoy planning every detail to create a beautiful atmosphere and telling stories through my photos. My main goal is to learn every day something new to improve. Welcome to my world!

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Ewa Burns

We are the sum of all our experiences. I believe the photographer can capture a split second in time that can cross barriers and boundaries that bind people together and touch in each of us what is human. Photography is my luxury. It is one of the way of my self-development, the feeling of satisfaction, the motivation to the wide spectrum of activity. It consumes all my free time, and even the time that I already do not have. Born in Cracow, I have an immutable and unchangeable Polish soul. I have wondered the world searching for windmills that led me on my never-ending Quixotic quest for beauty, meaning and humanness. My personal reality is that I am tethered to four children who keep me down to earth every time I want to fly.

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Alisa Stigter

I'm Alisa, owner of Wishes and Wonder Photography. I have always loved photography, but that love grew even more when my girls were born. As they grew older, I wanted to bring their imaginative world to life. From photographing special moments of play, to creating magical scenes, I was able to do just that.

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Magdalena Menzel

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Agnieszka Piecha

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Kathryn Moore Kinsler

Katie Kinsler is a self-taught fine art photo artist, who focuses on magical composites, portraits, and digital paintings. She is passionate about documenting her children’s lives and personalities through her art. When she isn’t making magic, Katie serves her community as Dr. Kinsler, supporting kids through her work as an elementary school assistant principal.

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Colleen Hillard

Hi! I am honored to have received this award. Thank you so much! My name is Colleen Hillard and I am a professional photographer located in Central Florida. Photography has been a passion of mine ever since I was a child. That passion grew after having children of my own and over the years it has developed into a career that I love! I specialize in children and family portraiture but also photograph everything from lifestyle sessions to weddings. One of my favorite locations is the beach. It’s my happy place and I just love when clients choose to have their stories captured there.

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Kasia Michał Otrębski

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Marta Grochowska

Hi, I am Marta, a fulfilled mother, wife and artistic soul. I've been in love with photography ever since I can remember but a little over 1.5 years ago I decided to try my hand as a creator in this field and for the first time I grabbed a professional camera. Then I discovered Photoshop and started trying my hand at post-production. I love to create, to break the rules and to pour what is in my soul into photos. Photography and post-production have become an integral part of my life. Thank you for recognizing my work, it's a sign that I'm going in the right direction and motivates me to keep working and creating.

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Kamila Culwell

I am Kamila. I am a novice photographer. Photography is my way of expressing myself artistically, and also relaxing. I love photographing children, creating fairy-tale photos and portraits.

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Kelly Markowski

My name is Kelly Markowski.  I am a Children Photographer  residing in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  I have always had  passion for the Arts and Photography from a very young age.  My Inspiration can come from anything as simple as a Designer’s dress or a unique characteristic of a sweet child.   Watching the colors of the leaves change, the magic of falling snow,  raindrops on ferns, and moss covered trees are always an inspiration with the magic of the seasonal changes . I truly love photographing primarily children bringing my creative ideas and a part of myself through them, and keeping that inner child and magic alive.  It truly is a wonderful gift being able to create and share lifetime memories.

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Krisztina Szoboszlai

My name is Krisztina Szoboszlai, a Hungarian based photographer. Photography is my passion, I love portraits and weddings too. I love the atmosphere of the photos and the fact that in the end we all recharge.

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Angela Dominguez

My name is Angela Dominguez. I am a Spanish photographer who recently started with children's fine art.
I love child photography since I started, children are the only ones who can transmit feelings in a natural way. My aspiration is to be able to reach a level of photography that inspires others one day. Therefore, I work every day to offer the best of me to my little models.

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Joanna Baranowska

I’m a photographer from Poland. I started doing this around 2 or 3 years ago but my love for portraits started during my childhood when I used to sketch them. Today fine art is the closest to my heart and it is the path I’ll continue to follow.

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Marzena Işik

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Photographer of February 2022: Monika Nagy

Hi, my name is Monika Nagy. I come from Hungary and I live in Austria. I have been dealing with photography for 1,5 years. I would first like to say a massive thank you for this award. I am so grateful that I can be here and that I was being chosen for. I love doing photography in a creative way. I love making something unique and extraordinary! I always look for the creative side of the opportunities I have. I love how the lights and the colors play together, as they show me a perspective I can use for my photos. I always find ways to be better because I am so excited to learn something new, also to make and show something new. I feel that this is my destiny. Photography is like infinite love for me.

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PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD belongs to: Stephanie Haddad

I’m Stephanie, a mother of four beautiful children that has inspired my journey towards motherhood, newborn and family photography. I love nothing more than being able to capture beautiful moments to cherish forever. I have worked within the fashion industry that demanded high attention to detail, which definitely flows through into my photography. Becoming a mum changed my fast paced life, as I devoted my time to my children. While pregnant with my third child, I felt something was missing… I decided that I needed something for myself. I rekindled my love of photography and continued to grow my love for newborn and portrait photography and I have never looked back.

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Ale Baier

Girl with a kitten and sunflowers

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Tahel Shenhav Cohen

Girl in a banana field

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Fira Mikael Kwan

Young musicians

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Gosia Marciniak

Girl with a clouds

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