Christmas Photoshoot with Moose Photoshoots

Since it’s December, I would like to show you and tell you what the Christmas photoshoot with Moose Photoshoots looks like. And what you can expect. It is true that this year’s Christmas mini sessions are over but they have raised many questions. As a result I have decided to write this short note to make everything clear for you.

First of all, booking a Christmas photoshoot with Moose Photoshoots is already available in September and the reason for it is because the shooting commences in November.
Please try and remember this because spaces are limited and later down the line it is very difficult for me to agree to additional photo shoots because I am not capable of finishing them to the best of my abilities for you on time.

To book a session, you pay a deposit of 30 euros, you agree to all terms & conditions regarding our cooperation, you choose whether you want your photos done with fine art effects or natural. The reason behind it is because the price of the photoshoot depends on it. And finally we arrange the details. I would like you to communicate to me all of Your expectations about the style of the photoshoot, inform me about the amount of people involved as well as the age of the participants.

Are you wondering how to prepare for Christmas Photoshoot?

  1. Scenes and props will be prepared for the photoshoot.
  2. You are responsible for the clothes.
  3. Magical effects can be added to the photos.
  4. During the photoshoot you are responsible for siblings and other children that came with you and are walking or crawling, also recording videos and taking photos with phones/cameras is prohibited unless it has been agreed with me.
  5. It's important that you arrive on time or a few minutes early, please don't be late, I leave very little or no gaps between photoshoots to allow more time for editing and I may not have enough time for you at the photoshoot if you're late.
  6. Standard waiting time for the finished products is 1-2 weeks but may extend  over the summer months and holiday period.


Natural or fine art photos?

One thing that many of you wonder upon is whether you want natural or fine art effect photos. Let me explain. First of all, natural photos do not mean they are unedited at all. By this I mean that I don’t add any special effects such as lights, shadows, snow or that I don’t merge your pictures together. I will have these ready for you in the form that you have chosen.

The fine art style allows me to create a totally different photo, it gives room for my ideas and imagination to show off. In these photos, I allow myself to create so many varied designs. With fine art effects I can combine different shots for you, I can add special effects and make Christmas photoshoot with Moose Photoshoots even more special and magical.


My Christmas photoshoot offer

The basic Christmas package come later with five photos. If you choose more than five photos, you will need to bear in mind that the first five photos will be ready for you before Christmas but the remainder of the photos you have opted for will be delivered to you in the New Year. I always try hard to estimate the amount of work I have taken on to be able to meet my deadline and provide you with the photos on time.


Editing Christmas photos

Let me show You the proces how it looks in these two photos. You can see a photo straight from the camera, then an edited photo, but a natural one, and at the end a photo with a fine art edition.

I hope You understand everything and hope to see YOU next year ! For now I want to wish You Merry Christmas and all the best in New 2022 !


And here You can see the final effect of one of my favourite Xmas photoshoot I have done this Year.

Magical Childhood Photography Awards – November 2021

Photo of November 2021 and first place belongs to:

Racheli Hared

I'm Racheli Hared, photographer from Israel
Love children, they challenge me and take me out of me .
I started shooting and holding a camera almost 3 year including the quarantine and learned how to use it from the guiding book
I had an issue with myself. And it is that my past expiration just gave me a feeling of failure.
I wanted to prove so hard to myself, that I'm valuable.
So I started my way quietly with no one knowing (even not my hubby) I was afraid some words or anything would break me and bother me to build my dream and that's how I created this image.
This image was created on the blue hour with light on the back and on the front of her and giving the mystery I needed for this.
It proves it all and it means a lot to me.

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Second place ex aequo belongs to:

TOMASZ STANKIEWICZ from Portretove Love

My name is Tomek, I was born in 1969 in Warsaw, where I live and create to the present. A chemist and computer scientist by profession, but I have always been interested in arts and crafts. First, metalwork that turned into a passion for jewelry and now also photography, which occupies the first place in my life.
My first adventure with a photo camera started a few years ago as I traveled through far away lands and places on earth, while looking for minerals, precious, and semi-precious gemstones for my jewelry. I was touched by nature’s amazing mineral creations as well as the environments they were found in, stopped in time, their colors, smells, distinct atmosphere, and culture. I wanted to immortalize them. I and my adventures soon gained two four-legged friends of the Alaskan Malamute breed: Princess Soraya and Malakwa Creek Sikko. Watching their behavior and admiring landscapes while taking their walks was a wonderful experience, especially when coupled with the photo camera and taking photos. The magic of photography captured me completely at that time but shortly, I faced another challenge: taking photos to exhibit his art. In mid-2015, I began to seriously think about professional photography. I took photography classes, gained knowledge from online courses, started scheduling photo sessions, and taking many photos. I currently strive to widen my horizons and abilities, continually challenging myself, by always setting and achieving new goals. "Because Life is Beautiful" is my motto.

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Thank you so much for the reward. I love your page and the beautiful collection of children's pictures.
My name is Marion Flemming, I am a full time photographer based in north Germany. The love of photography came to me many years ago and between the last few years I have specialized in children, pets, horses, families and maternity – that's my passion, I follow my heart. This photo is one result of my Christmas Minis 2021. I took this session-photos in the old countryside  in Hamburg, the background was an old oven and a lot of light decoration.

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Third Place ex aequo belongs to:

Kamila Culwell

Thank you very much for the award. My name is Kamila Culwell, I took photography seriously about a year and a half ago, when my son appeared in my life. He is my greatest inspiration. Children's worlds are full of magic, children are very authentic and sincere, that's why I love to photograph them. I am learning all the time and looking for my unique style in photo processing. I took this photo inspired by the work of Mariola Glacjar.

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Jola Krajewska

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People's Choice:

Tomasz Pacyna

Thank you for the award. My name is Tomasz and I live in Wolsztyn (Poland) - the city of steam trains. I work as a graphic designer. Photography is my second job, which gives me more artistic freedom than designing graphics for large companies. I deal with both outdoor and (recently) studio photography. The most important things in my works are emotions, mood, colors and the light. I like when the photo tells a story.

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Photographer of November 2021:

Sergio Grunewald

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Social media bad lack 2021

Bad luck has haunted my social media since the beginning of 2021. In February, I started to get messages that someone from various places in the world was logging in to my facebook (@Marta Losieiwcz account) and that I would confirm or change my password. And so I did. But, ... I also got signals from people that they were getting strange e-mails from me and whether I was the one who sent them?


Hackers sneaked into my e-mail

I was aware that I had lost control of my Facebook account @Marta Losiewicz when hackers who had sneaked into my e-mail and social media started to "use" my advertising account on the Moose Photoshoots Wedding & Family Photography fanpage.

Unable to regain access to my social media accounts

That day, I asked for my account to be verified. But I have not been able to get it back, and I have not managed to get it back, as well as I have not managed to get back my old e-mail ( After 30 days, facebook completely disabled my account as if it never existed. As a photographer, I lost my personal account, my fanpage account that still exists but I’m unable to regain access to it despite trying, and an instagram account that was directly linked to my facebook account (@moose_photoshoots).

Several years of work just disappeared. I lost my network of friends, which I had built up over the years, traveling all over the world, taking part in various projects and exchanges. I lost an account when I was over 10 years old with all my memories and photos. Once I realized that the case was unwinnable and I would not get back what was hacked, I started all over again. I opened a new account @marta.dankiewicz.3, a new fanpage Moose Photoshoots and a new account on instagram (@photographergibraltar_).

Suddenly…  logged out of Instagram

And when it seemed that everything was fine, when I learned to be systematic in publishing on social media, at the end of October, I was suddenly…  logged out of Instagram asking to log in again. It's just that the SMS code never came and my account was disabled. Suddenly just like that. I thought it was a mistake, that a text message would come, or that I would get a message that they had broken the system ... But no, ... Nothing. No responses, no contact for messages to customer support. And this way I lost another account, this time only on instagram.


You can learn from my mistakes

And I am telling you all this so that you can learn from my mistakes. First of all, do not connect your Instagram accounts with Facebook, so as not to lose both accounts at once. Secondly, give access to the company fan page also to another one whom you can trust. So that you still have access to your fan page and instagram. Thirdly, I will no longer use SMS as a two-factor security because it never got to me when it should. I secure a standalone application with codes. Which I can access from various phones, not just one, in case I lose one.


And passwords...

Passwords must be different for your accounts so as not to make matters easier for hackers. Because whether it was - bad luck or a lack of caution, or maybe someone not friendly with me- but starting from scratch is never easy. And if it can be avoided then it must be done. In connection with the above, I cordially invite you to like my latest instagram account: @moosephotoshoots where you can follow my adventures with photography, motherhood and traveling.

Magical Childhood Photography Awards – October 2021

Photo of October 2021 and first place belongs to:

Fira Mikael Kwan

My name is Fira Kwan, I am a Indonesian born chinese. I love the world of photography and started getting serious in 2019. Photography is a hobby when i retired and since I became a full time housewife. After taking more photos and trying different genres, I fell in love with photography of people, especially children. Taking photos of kids provides a new challenge all the time. Children have innocence and joy in front of the camera that is not made up. Hope I can continue to produce interesting photos. This is a brief about myself. Thank you for the opportunity

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Second place belongs to:

Agnieszka Kucinska

My name is Aga. I’m the mother of two boys, wife and owner of a cute dog. A pedagogue by education, working in the profession. Born in Poland, and for 16 years living in Great Britain. The love of photography came to my heart many years ago but it was at the beginning just a passion. I started my real adventure with photography in 2018, being at the Children's Photography Academy. The  winning photo "Together" was created two years ago during one of our daily walks with the pooch. At that time, I had no idea how to process this photo and so it was on the computer waiting for me to be ready for it. Here You can see my two reliable and inseparable models: my younger son and his best friend Max.

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Third place belongs to:

Stacey Hadley

My name is Stacey Hadley. By profession i am a social worker but have always been interested in photography and capturing memories. I fell in love with photography
whilst taking on the role as a summer camp photographer in the USA in 2015.
After my two children were born, I decided to move forward with my hobby and have worked hard to develop the skills necessary to start my new career. I have two sons who regularly model for me as well as taking on some 'ambassadors' for my business to help me learn and spend time correcting and improving. The little girl in the photo along with my eldest son above have helped me grow over the last couple of years and have steadily become good friends in the process, making it easy to capture the connection between them.

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People's Choice:

Callieanne Major

First of all, thank you so much for this reward! I'm Callie, a photographer from Lincolnshire. I usually only do studio images but I have now started offering location shoots which has definitely got me out of my comfort zone. I wanted to show the bond between sisters for this image, they were so amazing. I have now just completed an outdoor workshop after this image was taken and I can't wait to show off my new skills. I look forward to entering my new images into this wonderful group.

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Photographer of October 2021:

Katarzyna Kapała

Thank you very much for such a great honor as the title of the photographer of the month. I did not expect it in the first year of my photographic adventure. I am glad that it takes place in October, in the month when my son was born. He is the inspiration for me, the main protagonist of my works and a personal, very committed model for his young age. In October, I focused on sessions highlighting the colors of this wonderful time which is autumn. I have planned sessions with animals because with them my child is really happy, he doesn't have to pretend. He is having a good time, and I only capture these moments and in such natural photography I feel best as a photographer.

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Create Your child modelling portfolio with Moose Photoshoots, children's photographer from Gibraltar

If you are convinced of the extraordinary beauty, personality and modeling career for your child, create your child modelling portfolio with me. I specialize in children's photography and many of my photos have been featured on the pages and covers of children's magazines such as UK Prestige Magazine or International Kid Model Magazine.

For such a session, it is best to develop concepts in advance to choose the right outfits and choose the right place for photos. It is best for children and adolescents to be professionally groomed or with make-up (only if they are teenagers). Parents are always welcome as assistants and support for their children. Because the most important thing is their well-being and a sense of security.  They can also be very helpful in properly illuminating the scenes or making small models laugh.

If you want to create your child modelling portfolio with me, do not hesitate and write to me.


When is the best time to take pictures of your child?

First of all, when the child is well rested and can easily concentrate. Ideally, it should be a day off from work or school. Then we meet at the agreed place, preferably two hours before sunset (this is the best daylight for photos).


What is the best place to create your child modelling portfolio?

They are all allowed. It can be a selected beach, forest, park or even city streets. It is best to choose a place that will give you a lot of possibilities for the chosen concept of the photo. Will it be a city session, a session with a pet or promoting a selected brand of clothes. There is one important rule. We don't take pictures in direct sunlight. We do not face the model to the light which, for example, shines through the leaves.


Who can attend such a session?

Virtually every child with exceptional beauty and a positive attitude. Ideally, however, it should be older than 7 months and able to sit. It is easiest to work with children over 6 years of age. They are able to listen and follow the photographer's instructions.

If you have any questions about building a portfolio for your child, please write to me.





Magical Childhood Photography Awards – September 2021

Photo of September 2021 and first place belongs to:


My name is Ornit, I am a photographer from Israel and a mother of three; two boys (12, 5), and a girl (2). Since I was 16 I have taken photos, in those days it was 36 images on film strips. I could never see the picture, not until I got into the dark room. It was very hard for me to move to a digital camera, but when I did it I fell in love with the tech. To see the image in place is magical every time for me. I have a studio at my home town Rehovot, but love to take photos of nature as well. In this photo I took my baby girl Yaara on a magical cotton field, for her two years old birthday.
Thanks  for the honor to have  first place award.

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Second place ex aequo belongs to:


Justyna Kubalak

Hi, my name is Justyna. I come from Poland and I live in the small town of Jastrowie. I have been dealing with photography for 3 years. My passion for photography began with the need of the heart. When my son Tomasz was born, I started photographing for the family album.
In the photo is 3-year-old Tomasz with his teddy bear.
I love outdoor children's photography and the golden hour - it is the most beautiful time for me to take pictures. In my opinion this is what makes them magical.

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Katarzyna Naworol

My name is Kasia and I live in Poland in  NOWA SÓL. I was a model myself,  before I started my adventure as a photographer. My friends supported me in this decision, when they saw potential in me.  I have been photographing professionally for a year.I love photographing people and their emotions. I always try to have fun with my clients at the photo sessions. Because when everyone has a nice time the photos always come out fantastic. I'm constantly learning photography and looking for inspiration. I’m the happiest to have the award.

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Third Place:

Marcin Błoch

Hi! My name is Marcin Błoch, I live in Poland in Rojów. My adventure with photography began about 10 years ago, when I fell in love with photographing insects.  I devoted literally every free moment to it. In 2014, my son Wojtek was born, and since then I have also started to capture his growing up. With time, other children started to appear in front of my lens, and I quickly realized that I would like this to be my job. In 2018, I gave up macro photography and focused only on photographing kids. In photography, I love to play with light and paint enchanted pictures with the help of nature touched by the sun. 5 months ago our second son, Leon, was born and as soon as he starts to sit on his own, you will see him in my portfolio together with Wojtek.  My beloved wife, Natalia supports me.  Together we look for places to take photos and often come up with some nice ideas.  I am very happy that my photo came here.  I have always dreamed about photos in the heather, but only now I managed to find the perfect place ? Wojtek loves the forest, mushrooms and walks, so when I suggested photos in the heather, he did not hesitate for a long time, and additionally beautiful light appeared.

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Photographer of September 2021:

Lucas Rodrigues Dutra

My name is Lucas Rodrigues, I'm a photographer for the LUCCA Group, I work with artistic and advertising photography in Brazil, in the context of children. I have a degree in graphic design and have worked with illustrations and digital painting. I see in photography a way of recording moments and creating scenes of children and their childhood, characteristics of this phase and also how this essence of discovering the world, being innocent and emotional can be something very valuable in photography. I bring a more beautiful and enchanting result when I think in an artistic and poetic way how to work these records, thinking with the manipulation, colors, lights and shadows to generate true masterpieces, this is the world I built, a world of enchantments.

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Fine art wedding photos with Moose Photoshoots - Gibraltar - Alameda Gardens and Catalan Bay Beach

This time I would like to present to You after wedding photoshoot edited with fine art. Francina & Oleg loved my fine art style and trusted me to make their wedding photos the way I see it. It was a 2 hours package so we went to two locations: Alameda Gardens and Catalan Bay beach. It was the middle of the summer, very hot, and also middle of the day.

I allowed myself to do some of the photos in vintage style as well.

If you would like to book Your wedding with me don't hesitate to write.

You can see my offer here.



Magical Childhood Photography Awards – August 2021

Photo of August 2021 and first place belongs ex aequo to:

Callieanne Jayne Major

Hi everyone. My name is Callie and I live in a little village in Lincolnshire. I would first like to say a massive thank you for this award, this is my first ever award and I am so proud of this image. Photography has always been a passion of mine but once my daughter was born 3 years ago it really gave me the confidence to take more photos. She has been my main model but for the past year I have started using my camera on others. So so nerve wrecking but I'm glad I pushed myself. The girl in the picture was actually from a model call, she was amazing. Winning this has now given me nudge to enter more. Thank you once again!

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Dominika Shaka Wojtas

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Second place:

Katarzyna Kapała

My name is Kasia, I live in the Lubuskie Province in Poland.   I have been photographing for a long time, but so far they were photos for a family album. I have been learning to work in photos (processing) since January this year. I have had a few workshops and I am just fine-tuning my workshop. My main model is my little son who loves to pose. Thank you very much for the award, because it means a lot to me.

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Third Place:

Sylwia Glazer

Hi, my name is Sylwia Glazer, I live in Sieradz.
The adventure with photography began some time ago, with nature photography. Recently my passion turned into work and it turned out that I love it even more.
The artistic world has always had a big influence on me. The world of painting, sculpture or photography stops time for me.
Portrait, conceptual or staged photography can take me into a different world of emotions and the magic I want to show happens in my head.
Recently, I have also run individual workshops for photographers and I am honored to be chosen and I can communicate how beautiful photography can be and what can inspire. How to look at the light, colors and rhythm in a photo and how to create this world and what happens in my heart when I allow myself to be fully creative.
There are a lot of things that inspire me and I want to tell about it with my photography.

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Photographer of August 2021:

Aleksandra Uzdrzychowska

My name is Aleksandra and I come from Poland.  I live in a small town near Opole. Photography has always been my great passion, but it was limited to photos taken with a smartphone or in gusts with a camera with a built-in lens, in addition to automatic settings. Despite this, I always heard that I have an eye. A year ago, I decided to transform my passion into something more. I started from scratch, learning how to use the camera. After that, everything happened very quickly. Apparently, photography was for me, because it suddenly turned out that all my obsessions, which make my everyday life so difficult, work perfectly in the world of photography. I know that there is still a long way ahead of me, but I set out on it with a smile on my face, excitement, how great adventure awaits me and gratitude, because the camera not only became my third eye, but opened the other two for me. Thank you very much for the award, it is a great foundation for me and motivation for further work and development.

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Gibraltar elopement with Moose Photoshoots - Wedding photo session

I wanted to tell You more about wedding with me in Gibraltar.

Maria & Eoin have come to elope from Ireland. It was just the two of them for this most romantic event. They selected a package with natural photos. They booked me for 2 hours (normally, my wedding package has 1,5 hour and only one place for the photoshoot after the ceremony) and received 50 photos.

Wedding photo session - Gibraltar Marina and Europa Point

During this time we took some photos at the ceremony in the registry office and then we did a photoshoot. First in Gibraltar Marina and than In Europa Point, where the lighthouse is. Wedding was in the middle of the day, so the photos are very bright, full of lights, shades. Let me show them their story through my photography.


Before and after - fine art wedding photography

I'm presenting to You one photo that I have made in two versions. One natural one and one with a vintage style edition. As You know- I'm a fine art photographer, so I can change the photo into a fairy tale picture.


Next time I will present to You the same package with a different couple that trusted me and choose a fine art photo edited package. You will have the possibility to compare and decide which one You like most.

Permission to publish my photos

I need You to be aware that without Your permission to publish my work and Your photos every package costs more. (It is written on my website and in the contract as well).  You probably want to know - WHY? Let me explain.  I’m a photographer and it is very important for me to have the opportunity to share and show my work. I’m spending a lot of time putting my heart into Your pictures. So let’s say that those who agree that I publish have a discount. And those that want to keep their photos private pay normal prices.
That’s why it is very important to understand Your possibilities with me and select the best package for Yourself.

You can see my offer here.



Magical Childhood Photography Awards – July 2021

Photo of July 2021 and first place belongs to:

Anna Jurczak

My name is Ana and I'm from Poland . Photography is my passion:)
Winner pic came out just without any plan. I was with my family in the countryside, and just decided to take some pics of our cornfield. The model was my little cousin Aleksander
I will show more pics from this photo session on my fanpage soon

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Second place:

Leanne Livingstone

My name is Leanne and I'm the face behind LL Photography.
My passion for photography sparked at only 17 years old when I was given my first 35mm film camera. It was a way to express myself and helped me gain the confidence I have today.
I love everything about photography, the families, taking the images, the post editing process and the looks on families faces when they see their images for the first time after they are edited. Makes my heart happy!
I specialise in FINE ART PORTRAITURE, photographing Newborns, Child portraits, Sitters, Maternity, Family, Mama & Me, Cake Smash and Dog Portrait sessions.
I love my art to tell a story and to evoke emotion.
'Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves..' unknown
I LOVE Fine Art Outdoor children’s Portraits! I love creating memories of children and photographing their unique characteristics in nature. I believe all children need to be  explore the world in their own way. I love to capture Children being themselves.
I live in Bonnie Scotland within the Sutherland Part of the Highlands...and yes it is that beautiful! I'm so blessed to be where I am.
This image was a natural shot. If a child is a bit shy I will let them be themselves and follow them with my camera to capture their unique little selves. Such a perfect little model. I’m sure her parents will treasure this memory for years to come.

Thank you so much for choosing my image..I never expected to get that many best yet! I am so humbled and so grateful for the feature.
Thanks again Magical Childhood Photography

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Third Place:

Laura Lazar

I am Laura Lazar, wife and mother of two beautiful boys, currently based in Germany! In the last two years I've been learning, practicing by myself and loving photography so much that I even made a small photo studio in my home! This way I can be closer to my family, they are my everyday inspiration :). This picture that won in July means a lot, because it was my first " real " session in my own little studio! I love photographing in natural light, I love neutral and natural colours, I collect and use in my pictures lots of old/ vintage things, I like to connect with families, to capture emotions, real laughter and also tears.

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Photographer of July 2021:

Marta Grochowska

Hello everyone. My name is Marta and I live in Poland. I always had a very big passion for photography and all kinds of art. For a long time I admired beautiful pictures transformed by photoshop into magical images. So in october 2021 I decided to try to do it myself. Friendship with camera and photoshop wasn't easy at the beginning, but I was constantly learning and practicing to be better and better. My first and main model is my 3 years old daughter Maja. I love the moments when she explores the world, discover new places. We always have so much fun during sessions. Recently I started making photos for others. I love the moment when they look at the photos for the first time and when they are surprised how ordinary places change after editing. What inspires me? In the first place my daughter, but also everything around me - nature, music, dreams, memories, movies .... Thanks everyone for the award, it is a great honor for me. It gives me big wings to go forward.

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