I started the group of Magical Childhood Photography Awards on facebook In March 2021. The idea was born after I fell in love with the world of children’s art photography. It is a group dedicated to photographers who want to share their photos devoted to their childhood. It is important to encourage photographers to be creative and to save the best childhood moments and memories.

I wanted to connect people who want to take part in a photo competition, to check and verify your skills and ideas while learning how people react to these photos. When I was new to the photography business, I was either criticized for my work or ignored. As a result, I created a place where the photos of not only professional photographers are accepted, but also those still studying at an intermediate level.

The group also has an instagram account, where we promote Your work. It is also a place where are photos which were nominated to the second stage of the competition.



  • Moose Photoshoots
  • Michał Łosiewicz
  • Roma Falero


  • Marta Losiewicz
  • Claudia Marzo
  • Katrin Biendl
  • Ela Drozynska
  • Lisa Kingham


Marta Losiewicz

Marta Losiewicz is a professional, fine art photographer covering Costa del Sol in Spain, South of Poland and Gibraltar. Photography has been with her for whole life. She got her first camera when she was 7. Together with music and painting it allowed her to express herself. She finished the Photography Academy in Krakow, where she started her professional career with cameras. She also finished postgraduate studies in the Academy of Art in Łódź in Poland, where she perfected her artistic skills. She specializes in children photography. She is very successful in this field. Her work was published in many magazines and won many different awards. More about her You can find here: moose-photoshoots.com/about-me


Claudia Marzo

Claudia Marzo is a Spanish photographer from Zaragoza. She is a self-taught photographer that started her journey as a children photographer 6 years ago, but she has always loved to take photos of her family and friends when she was just a child. When she finished high school she wanted to study photography so she wanted to join a photography school but sadly it closed and she couldn’t start her studies. Instead of giving up and studying something else that would not make her happy she started to rehearse by herself and after years of practice she got to find her own style. She is an award winning photographer and her work was published on International Kid Model Magazine a few times, the issue 100 as cover, back cover and “meet the photographer”. She is specialized in children and family photography and always works outdoor with natural light, she loves the sunlight and the warm sunset colors, she believes they create the perfect scenes to portray the little ones. One of the things that characterizes her is her edit style, she uses warm and saturated colors trying to transform everyday scenes into images that convey the innocence, naturalness and spontaneity of children. You can follow Claudia on social media: @claumarzophotography


Katrin Biendl

Katrin Biendl is a professional photographer, located in Germany. Her passion for children, nature and animals is her source of inspiration to capture valuable memories and to freeze unique moments for eternity. She’s an autodidact and learnt everything about photography by herself and developed her own and very specific style. When Katrin started taking photos in 2012, she focused on breathtaking landscapes and the little wonders of nature, caused by her passion for traveling and discovering foreign countries. Encouraged by the request of Travel-Guide “Marco Polo” to publish some of her photos in several Guides, she started focusing more and more on Children and Maternity Art Photography the last 8 years.

Here a few Awards in this categories:

  • AFNS Award (Gold) – categorie “Sitter Photography”
  • AFNS Prime Contest (Silver)
  • Outstanding Maternity Award
  • Award of merit for excellent Photography

Her work has also been published in World’s Top Photography Magazines. More about her, you can find at facebook.com/Katrin.Biendl.Photography


Ela Drozynska

Ela is working as a professional photographer since 2016. She is originally from Poland, but her business is based in Willenhall north east UK and this is where she lives with her family.

Her main focus has always been Newborn and Baby photography, as she loves to work with small babies. With every passion based profession with time and dedication she expanded to other genres and she also offer Fine Art Maternity & Family portraiture. Open Air photography is her another creative space where she loves to work and where is extensively awarded and recognized.

Here are few Awards in this categories:

  • TOP 3 maternity photographer of the year 2021 by Legacy Awards
  • TOP 10 children photographer of the year 2021 by AFNS Prime Awards
  • WPE silver award 2021 in the family category
  • WPE silver award 2021 in the newborn category
  • WPE 3rd Place 2021 in the children category
  • And a lot of others.

If you’d like to find out more about her work, feel free to visit her website:


Lisa Kingham

Lisa started photography over 25 years ago. She is from the South Coast of England, based in the beautiful New Forest. She started her professional career as a wedding photographer but soon learnt that her passion was in Child Photography. She now specializes in Child Fine art, working from either her beautiful barn conversion studio or the gorgeous landscapes of the National Park. She has won many awards and has been published in numerous magazines. You can view her work and follow her on social media @lisakinghamphotography




Rules of the competition:

  1. Submit ONE photo per day and add a link to your instagram account. CATEGORIES (ALL related to the CHILDHOOD subject):
    • Babies 0-3;
    • Children 4-12;
    • Youth 13-18;
    • Family;
    • Studio;
    • Fine Art.
  2. The photo of the day will be selected by the admin, which is the first stage of elimination. If there will be not photo good enough there will be no nomination for second stage of the contest.
  3. Photo of the day will be published on Instagram
  4. The photos from the second stage (those published on our INSTAGRAM) will take part in a Judges voting.
  5. The winners in each category will be announced until 5th day of next month. (Unless there will be not enough good photos in the category.
  6. PEOPLE’S CHOICE award is a photo with the biggest number of likes on Instagram.
  7. There is an award “Photographer of the month” which is selected by judges at the end of the month as well. To be considered for the tittle you MUST submit AT LEAST 3 photos per month.
  8. There will be annual award “Photographer of the year” for those who won at least one award during the year and submit their photos at least for 6 months of the year.
  9. Awarded photos get badges of the awards.
  10. Submission time for each period starts at the first day of the month and ends 29th day of each month.