First place belongs to:

Whitney Minten

Whitney Minten is a Children’s Fine Art Portrait Artist out of Madison, WI. She is passionate about photographing children and turning their portraits into works of art. She is inspired by simplistic beauty. Beautiful children, clothing, scenery and weather all inspire her to take out her camera and transform a moment into magic. Originally trained as a Robotics Engineer, Whitney turned to photography after the birth of her children. Fascinated with the technology of her camera, she quickly fell in love with the art of it as well. She is a mother to three amazing children.
“My children have transformed me in the woman and artist I am today. They are and will always be my motivation and muse in photography.”

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Second place belongs to:

Aleksandra Czepek

Photography has always been my passion. I am a graduate of cosmetology by education and I have always wanted and created beauty. Almost two years ago I decided that I wanted to take up photography professionally. I started attending various workshops and guiding my style. I want my photos to have a bit of magic, so that they will take the recipient into a different world. Currently, I live in a paradise in Zanzibar and create frames in my studio and in the colorful outdoors around me. I love photography and I will continue to develop in that direction.

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Third Place belongs to:

Katrin Biendl

Thank you for the Award! My name is Katrin and I live in a small village in the south of Germany. I love special moments. Moments, which touch our heart and put a smile on our face. I love life and Most of all, I love photography. With my pictures I want to create memories which are unforgettable and authentic. My love to children, nature and animals is my greatest inspiration to capture very personally valuable memories.

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People’s Choice Award belongs to:

Claudia Marzo

I’m Claudia Marzo, an almost 25 years old born in Spain.
I’m a self-taught photographer that started to study photography so I wanted to joing a photography school, but sadly it closed and I couldn’t start my studies. Instead of giving up and studying something else that would not make me happy I started to rehearse by myself and after years of practice I got to find my own style. I’m stpecialized in children and family photography and always work outdoor with natural light, I love the sunlight and the warm sunset colors, I believe they create the perfect scenes to portray the little ones. One of the things that charactizes me is my edit style, I use warm and saturated colors trying to tansform everyday scenes into images that convey the innocence, naturalness and spontaineity of children. My goal is to continue creating photographs that touch people’s hearts and are going to be contempled for generations.

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Photographer of December 2021:

Marion Flemming

Thank you so much. A big suprise form y and I m very proud to be the best photographer of “Magical Childhood” 12/2021.
My name is Marion Flemming, I am a full time photographer based in north Germany. The love of photography came to me many years ago and between the last years I am specialisad at children, pets, horses, families and maternity – thats my passion, I follow my heart.

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