Photo of June 2021 and first place belongs to:

Beatriz Ostos Charro

My name is Beatriz, I am from Madrid and a mother of three, two twins girls which are 23 years old, and a boy whose 18.
I studied History, I always loved all kinds of art, when I started photography was analogic, I had a Minolta with a 50mm and used to photograph architecture, I was not interested in portraits until I had my daughters, I didn’t want to loose any thing and I could not stop photographing them while they grew up, I wanted to keep those moments that they are not going to remember when they are old unless I give them; pictures are memories that we can keep forever.
When digital photography started I bought I small camera, but I had no idea of how to download the files, my husband had to do it for me, I thought it was very difficult and for a long time I only used the little camera in automatic mode.
When I decided to learn digital photography my children where big enough for me to have more time for myself after working, since then i am constantly learning; I think I am taking the pictures that I would have loved to do with my own children, I like their world of imagination, happiness and innocence.
Due to instagram, Facebook and other platforms in internet I found an incredible world of artists who inspire me, I feel I have much more to learn and every day I try to do it better; groups like this are a good chance to improve and to know others people work.
Alberto is a restless loving boy of 5 years old, I knew him last September during a shooting I did with his sister and him, I think he is a perfect model for my pictures,  I don’t need to tell him what to do,I let him being his self while I shoot.
Thanks Marta for this opportunity, for me it is an honor to be best picture among the amazing work in this month.

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Second place:

Miriam N Vera

Hi My name is Vera and it is my second award this year. First I got in March. So If You go to post from March You will find some more info about me. ;-)
This photo has been taken to Emilia on the first day she had her kitten. She was cheerful with the new member and wanted to take care of it all the time that I thought it would be great to capture that moment for ever.

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Third Place:

Monica Hańczyc

Hi, I’m Monica,
I come from Poland but I live in the United Kingdom.
My photography journey started when I was 17 (2007), but it really begins to be my hobby and work in 2010 when I first bought a DSLR camera. Since then I went through all of the types of photography but still, my favorite is to photograph people. I love to see emotions in pictures, the magic of children playing outdoors, the love showing on couples photoshoots, all that is very fleeting and important at the same time. Using photoshop for children’s photos, allow me to add a little bit of magic to each picture. Always when I can take pictures of my clients I’m feeling very honored that they choose me.

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Photographer of June:

Anna Wańczko

My name is Anna and i’m from Poland. I live in Zielona Góra. Photography is my passion for couple of years now, but seriously i started it when my son was born, four years ago. From that moment children photography is my biggest love. I love kids for thair pure emotions, naturalness and honesty. My main model is my son, Staś. Thanks to him and his cooparation I got the most amazing pictures. Thank You so much for the award. I’m very appreciated. It also shows me that my work has sense.

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