Photo of May 2021 and first place belongs to:

Anna Jurczak

My name is Anna I’m from Poland:) photography is my love.
Just start shooting people 2 year ago. Since that time its my hobby and work:)
I didn’t have any idea for this pic… it just happened!the sweet model just came with her mom. I knew it that I need to take a great shoot, and this is result.
If you want to follow my instagram-just feel free. For sure I will give you a follow back
Im so happy that my pic won.

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Second place:

Elena Gil

I’m Elena, and I live in Mijas, Spain. I love photography since I was a child and share my mommy life with my passion for capturing children’s portraits.
Any place is magical to capture the essence and personality of the children in this photo I turned the daily bathroom into a game to make bubbles and thus be able to take the photograph that I had in my mind.

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Third Place:

Claudia Marzo

Hi everyone!
My name is Claudia and I’m from Zaragoza, Spain.
I’m 24 years old and I have been working as a child photographer for 6 years now.
I love working with little kids under the age of 6, I feel they are more natural, I work outdoors so I love to let them do whatever they want and take pictures of them just exploring and playing, I love when they forget about me and my camera and just have fun.
I took this picture a few months ago, next to this field was a field full of almond blossom, it was so dreamy, I took a lot of pictures there and at the sunset we went to this wheat field, there were a few white flowers, but not too much, so I asked her to pick a flower and that’s how this photo was created.

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Thank you so much for choosing my photo!


Photographer of April:

Yana Dylewski

Hi everybody!
Thank you for choosing my photos!
My name is Yana I was born in Russia.
I studied and worked as an architect 11 years , then I moved to live in France.
And now my family and I live in French Guiana
My love with photography, like many others, began with the birth of my children . My kids are my inspiration everyday.

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Thank you!