Photo of November 2021 and first place belongs to:

Racheli Hared

I’m Racheli Hared, photographer from Israel
Love children, they challenge me and take me out of me .
I started shooting and holding a camera almost 3 year including the quarantine and learned how to use it from the guiding book
I had an issue with myself. And it is that my past expiration just gave me a feeling of failure.
I wanted to prove so hard to myself, that I’m valuable.
So I started my way quietly with no one knowing (even not my hubby) I was afraid some words or anything would break me and bother me to build my dream and that’s how I created this image.
This image was created on the blue hour with light on the back and on the front of her and giving the mystery I needed for this.
It proves it all and it means a lot to me.

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Second place ex aequo belongs to:

TOMASZ STANKIEWICZ from Portretove Love

My name is Tomek, I was born in 1969 in Warsaw, where I live and create to the present. A chemist and computer scientist by profession, but I have always been interested in arts and crafts. First, metalwork that turned into a passion for jewelry and now also photography, which occupies the first place in my life.
My first adventure with a photo camera started a few years ago as I traveled through far away lands and places on earth, while looking for minerals, precious, and semi-precious gemstones for my jewelry. I was touched by nature’s amazing mineral creations as well as the environments they were found in, stopped in time, their colors, smells, distinct atmosphere, and culture. I wanted to immortalize them. I and my adventures soon gained two four-legged friends of the Alaskan Malamute breed: Princess Soraya and Malakwa Creek Sikko. Watching their behavior and admiring landscapes while taking their walks was a wonderful experience, especially when coupled with the photo camera and taking photos. The magic of photography captured me completely at that time but shortly, I faced another challenge: taking photos to exhibit his art. In mid-2015, I began to seriously think about professional photography. I took photography classes, gained knowledge from online courses, started scheduling photo sessions, and taking many photos. I currently strive to widen my horizons and abilities, continually challenging myself, by always setting and achieving new goals. “Because Life is Beautiful” is my motto.

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Thank you so much for the reward. I love your page and the beautiful collection of children’s pictures.
My name is Marion Flemming, I am a full time photographer based in north Germany. The love of photography came to me many years ago and between the last few years I have specialized in children, pets, horses, families and maternity – that’s my passion, I follow my heart. This photo is one result of my Christmas Minis 2021. I took this session-photos in the old countryside  in Hamburg, the background was an old oven and a lot of light decoration.

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Third Place ex aequo belongs to:

Kamila Culwell

Thank you very much for the award. My name is Kamila Culwell, I took photography seriously about a year and a half ago, when my son appeared in my life. He is my greatest inspiration. Children’s worlds are full of magic, children are very authentic and sincere, that’s why I love to photograph them. I am learning all the time and looking for my unique style in photo processing. I took this photo inspired by the work of Mariola Glacjar.

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Jola Krajewska

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People’s Choice:

Tomasz Pacyna

Thank you for the award. My name is Tomasz and I live in Wolsztyn (Poland) – the city of steam trains. I work as a graphic designer. Photography is my second job, which gives me more artistic freedom than designing graphics for large companies. I deal with both outdoor and (recently) studio photography. The most important things in my works are emotions, mood, colors and the light. I like when the photo tells a story.

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Photographer of November 2021:

Sergio Grunewald

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