Photo of October 2021 and first place belongs to:

Fira Mikael Kwan

My name is Fira Kwan, I am a Indonesian born chinese. I love the world of photography and started getting serious in 2019. Photography is a hobby when i retired and since I became a full time housewife. After taking more photos and trying different genres, I fell in love with photography of people, especially children. Taking photos of kids provides a new challenge all the time. Children have innocence and joy in front of the camera that is not made up. Hope I can continue to produce interesting photos. This is a brief about myself. Thank you for the opportunity

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Second place belongs to:

Agnieszka Kucinska

My name is Aga. I’m the mother of two boys, wife and owner of a cute dog. A pedagogue by education, working in the profession. Born in Poland, and for 16 years living in Great Britain. The love of photography came to my heart many years ago but it was at the beginning just a passion. I started my real adventure with photography in 2018, being at the Children’s Photography Academy. The  winning photo “Together” was created two years ago during one of our daily walks with the pooch. At that time, I had no idea how to process this photo and so it was on the computer waiting for me to be ready for it. Here You can see my two reliable and inseparable models: my younger son and his best friend Max.

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Third place belongs to:

Stacey Hadley

My name is Stacey Hadley. By profession i am a social worker but have always been interested in photography and capturing memories. I fell in love with photography
whilst taking on the role as a summer camp photographer in the USA in 2015.
After my two children were born, I decided to move forward with my hobby and have worked hard to develop the skills necessary to start my new career. I have two sons who regularly model for me as well as taking on some ‘ambassadors’ for my business to help me learn and spend time correcting and improving. The little girl in the photo along with my eldest son above have helped me grow over the last couple of years and have steadily become good friends in the process, making it easy to capture the connection between them.

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People’s Choice:

Callieanne Major

First of all, thank you so much for this reward! I’m Callie, a photographer from Lincolnshire. I usually only do studio images but I have now started offering location shoots which has definitely got me out of my comfort zone. I wanted to show the bond between sisters for this image, they were so amazing. I have now just completed an outdoor workshop after this image was taken and I can’t wait to show off my new skills. I look forward to entering my new images into this wonderful group.

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Photographer of October 2021:

Katarzyna Kapała

Thank you very much for such a great honor as the title of the photographer of the month. I did not expect it in the first year of my photographic adventure. I am glad that it takes place in October, in the month when my son was born. He is the inspiration for me, the main protagonist of my works and a personal, very committed model for his young age. In October, I focused on sessions highlighting the colors of this wonderful time which is autumn. I have planned sessions with animals because with them my child is really happy, he doesn’t have to pretend. He is having a good time, and I only capture these moments and in such natural photography I feel best as a photographer.

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