Photo of April 2021 belongs to:

Lea Livingstone    

When I shot this photo I had literally just moved to the Highlands in Scotland and it started snowing. After all the stress of moving 5hours away from my home town.
This photo represents how I was feeling at the time.
To Pause
To make Space
To collect your thoughts
To remember
To face the next moment
To choose.
I could just breathe.
My handsome son was a perfect model for this. And my new Fox bonnet arrived it just had to be used!
Although now he is getting sick of his Mama taking his photo
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Photographer of April 2021

Olga Horsch    

I am a self-taught Hobby photographer. I discovered photography as a hobby in 2020. Bought my first camera one year ago and since then I can’t stop photographing. I love to use Photoshop to edit my photos and give them a magical touch.

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