Photo of September 2021 and first place belongs to:


My name is Ornit, I am a photographer from Israel and a mother of three; two boys (12, 5), and a girl (2). Since I was 16 I have taken photos, in those days it was 36 images on film strips. I could never see the picture, not until I got into the dark room. It was very hard for me to move to a digital camera, but when I did it I fell in love with the tech. To see the image in place is magical every time for me. I have a studio at my home town Rehovot, but love to take photos of nature as well. In this photo I took my baby girl Yaara on a magical cotton field, for her two years old birthday.
Thanks  for the honor to have  first place award.

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Second place ex aequo belongs to:


Justyna Kubalak

Hi, my name is Justyna. I come from Poland and I live in the small town of Jastrowie. I have been dealing with photography for 3 years. My passion for photography began with the need of the heart. When my son Tomasz was born, I started photographing for the family album.
In the photo is 3-year-old Tomasz with his teddy bear.
I love outdoor children’s photography and the golden hour – it is the most beautiful time for me to take pictures. In my opinion this is what makes them magical.

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Katarzyna Naworol

My name is Kasia and I live in Poland in  NOWA SÓL. I was a model myself,  before I started my adventure as a photographer. My friends supported me in this decision, when they saw potential in me.  I have been photographing professionally for a year.I love photographing people and their emotions. I always try to have fun with my clients at the photo sessions. Because when everyone has a nice time the photos always come out fantastic. I’m constantly learning photography and looking for inspiration. I’m the happiest to have the award.

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Third Place:

Marcin Błoch

Hi! My name is Marcin Błoch, I live in Poland in Rojów. My adventure with photography began about 10 years ago, when I fell in love with photographing insects.  I devoted literally every free moment to it. In 2014, my son Wojtek was born, and since then I have also started to capture his growing up. With time, other children started to appear in front of my lens, and I quickly realized that I would like this to be my job. In 2018, I gave up macro photography and focused only on photographing kids. In photography, I love to play with light and paint enchanted pictures with the help of nature touched by the sun. 5 months ago our second son, Leon, was born and as soon as he starts to sit on his own, you will see him in my portfolio together with Wojtek.  My beloved wife, Natalia supports me.  Together we look for places to take photos and often come up with some nice ideas.  I am very happy that my photo came here.  I have always dreamed about photos in the heather, but only now I managed to find the perfect place ? Wojtek loves the forest, mushrooms and walks, so when I suggested photos in the heather, he did not hesitate for a long time, and additionally beautiful light appeared.

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Photographer of September 2021:

Lucas Rodrigues Dutra

My name is Lucas Rodrigues, I’m a photographer for the LUCCA Group, I work with artistic and advertising photography in Brazil, in the context of children. I have a degree in graphic design and have worked with illustrations and digital painting. I see in photography a way of recording moments and creating scenes of children and their childhood, characteristics of this phase and also how this essence of discovering the world, being innocent and emotional can be something very valuable in photography. I bring a more beautiful and enchanting result when I think in an artistic and poetic way how to work these records, thinking with the manipulation, colors, lights and shadows to generate true masterpieces, this is the world I built, a world of enchantments.

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