This is the story of David and Adrianna’s magical wedding session. A couple in love with the Spanish city of Sevilla. I believe this is a photo shoot worth telling about because it brought me my first award in wedding photography. 


The photo session in Sevilla – Spanish Square and Maria Luisa Park

We met with the bride and groom at their polish- spanish wedding in Poland during the summer of 2020. We have planned the sessions at the end of October due to the tolerable temperatures this month in Seville. It was a special, foggy morning on the Spanish Square. Thanks to this, when we met in the morning to start the pictures, one of the most popular tourist spots was almost empty. We had the whole Spanish Square to ourselves. We took pictures inside and outside. Then we moved to Maria Luisa Park. The fog disappeared and the swans and ducks were a beautiful addition to the photos taken there. 


The heart of the old town in Sevilla

We heard the most comments from passers-by when doing the third part of the session in the heart of the old town. We heard that “they would not like such a session and why the young couple wanted to have photos in the middle of a city full of people.  They just didn’t know that this was the next place in our session and the last part of it. It was here that the young couple decided to take photos of their new family member – a puppy that they recently took to their home. 


Photos in the fine art style

The young people fully trusted me, despite the fact that I took their photos in the fine art style, which I usually use for children’s sessions. Thanks to this, their session acquired a magical and unique character and added a fairy, magical character to the photos. It seems that thanks to the processing of fine art, their session became such a success. Of course, without them and the charms of the beauty of Sevilla, it would not be the same. I am grateful for the trust and the opportunity to be their photographer.


The award-winning photo taken in the Spanish Square

As for the award-winning photo, we took it in the Spanish Square, with an old couple walking in the background holding their hands. I found it a perfect moment to create a unique picture. An image that has acquired additional meaning. Because when we look at a young couple in the background, we see this old couple loving each other, going through life together. And we automatically wish for new married ones to share  a similar story. That they can age together and support them all the next years, cultivating their love.