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Create Your child modelling portfolio with Moose Photoshoots, children's photographer from Gibraltar

If you are convinced of the extraordinary beauty, personality and modeling career for your child, create your child modelling portfolio with me. I specialize in children's photography and many of my photos have been featured on the pages and covers of children's magazines such as UK Prestige Magazine or International Kid Model Magazine.

For such a session, it is best to develop concepts in advance to choose the right outfits and choose the right place for photos. It is best for children and adolescents to be professionally groomed or with make-up (only if they are teenagers). Parents are always welcome as assistants and support for their children. Because the most important thing is their well-being and a sense of security.  They can also be very helpful in properly illuminating the scenes or making small models laugh.

If you want to create your child modelling portfolio with me, do not hesitate and write to me.




Fine art wedding photos with Moose Photoshoots - Gibraltar - Alameda Gardens and Catalan Bay Beach

This time I would like to present to You after wedding photoshoot edited with fine art. Francina & Oleg loved my fine art style and trusted me to make their wedding photos the way I see it. It was a 2 hours package so we went to two locations: Alameda Gardens and Catalan Bay beach. It was the middle of the summer, very hot, and also middle of the day.

I allowed myself to do some of the photos in vintage style as well.

If you would like to book Your wedding with me don't hesitate to write.

You can see my offer here.



Gibraltar elopement with Moose Photoshoots - Wedding photo session

I wanted to tell You more about wedding with me in Gibraltar.

Maria & Eoin have come to elope from Ireland. It was just the two of them for this most romantic event. They selected a package with natural photos. They booked me for 2 hours (normally, my wedding package has 1,5 hour and only one place for the photoshoot after the ceremony) and received 50 photos.

Wedding photo session - Gibraltar Marina and Europa Point

During this time we took some photos at the ceremony in the registry office and then we did a photoshoot. First in Gibraltar Marina and than In Europa Point, where the lighthouse is. Wedding was in the middle of the day, so the photos are very bright, full of lights, shades. Let me show them their story through my photography.


Before and after - fine art wedding photography

I'm presenting to You one photo that I have made in two versions. One natural one and one with a vintage style edition. As You know- I'm a fine art photographer, so I can change the photo into a fairy tale picture.


Next time I will present to You the same package with a different couple that trusted me and choose a fine art photo edited package. You will have the possibility to compare and decide which one You like most.

Permission to publish my photos

I need You to be aware that without Your permission to publish my work and Your photos every package costs more. (It is written on my website and in the contract as well).  You probably want to know - WHY? Let me explain.  I’m a photographer and it is very important for me to have the opportunity to share and show my work. I’m spending a lot of time putting my heart into Your pictures. So let’s say that those who agree that I publish have a discount. And those that want to keep their photos private pay normal prices.
That’s why it is very important to understand Your possibilities with me and select the best package for Yourself.

You can see my offer here.



Baby and Portrait Photo Awards - photographer Gibraltar

Baby Photo Awards and Portrait photo awards are websites where professional photographers can share their best children, maternity and portrait photos. The most creative photography artists from all over the world submit their works to contest for the highest places in the rating list. Which means that it is also a great place to find a great photographer for yourself.

I started to take part in this monthly contest for photographers because it allows me to find my place among peers.
Moreover it motivates me to create my own small projects, not only commercial photo shoots. I have those ideas in my head and turn them into the image. The image that has a vision and message. It brings my photography to the highest level.
So I want to present to You photos that have been successfully awarded. You can also read a story about each of the image.


"Conjure up spring"

The photo was created with a thought about a magical view on the first day of spring. Giulia wanted to be a fairy and that's how the idea for an enchanted photo bringing spring was born.


"Vintage Portrait"

Art photography allows me to show the world from a different perspective. In this case, in the old, vintage style. I changed the spring portrait of Lena to a classic, romantic one. Looking at it reminds me of my own childhood. When, as a little girl, I picked flowers for my mother's bouquet.


"Magical book"

The photo was taken in the golden hour, before sunset. It aims to promote traditional book reading. Because nowadays, reading books is the real magic. Magic that takes us to the limitless world of imagination.


"First spring together"

It was taken at the beginning of a Spanish spring. Lola is "theoretically" a dangerous dog. So puting next to her 10 months old Zoe was about to show that even if the dog looks dangerous, she is friendly and calm, and loves spending time with Zoe, enjoying their first spring together. Appearances can be deceiving. And you shouldn't judge by appearance.


"The Dreamer"

This photo shows the power of dreams and imagination. Children believe that everything is possible. I wanted to show that but also wanted to present a fairy tale, dreamy style, looking like a drawing to put someone into magical childhood world.


"Reflection of memories"

This photo was made to show the power of objects and the memories stored in them. Grandma looks at herself in the mirror and suddenly freezes, staring at the necklace. A necklace that awakens her memories. It symbolizes the passing of time and how important it is to find time and talk to older people who can tell us so many stories about their life and memories, adventures. Especially since the time together is running out.


"Red rose"

The photo of "red rose" was inspired by the book "The Little Prince" where the rose was the only friend of the main character.
"To me, you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you, on your part, have no need of me. To you I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world....”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

After the wedding Photoshoot in Sevilla

This is the story of David and Adrianna's magical wedding session. A couple in love with the Spanish city of Sevilla. I believe this is a photo shoot worth telling about because it brought me my first award in wedding photography. 


The photo session in Sevilla - Spanish Square and Maria Luisa Park

We met with the bride and groom at their polish- spanish wedding in Poland during the summer of 2020. We have planned the sessions at the end of October due to the tolerable temperatures this month in Seville. It was a special, foggy morning on the Spanish Square. Thanks to this, when we met in the morning to start the pictures, one of the most popular tourist spots was almost empty. We had the whole Spanish Square to ourselves. We took pictures inside and outside. Then we moved to Maria Luisa Park. The fog disappeared and the swans and ducks were a beautiful addition to the photos taken there. 


The heart of the old town in Sevilla

We heard the most comments from passers-by when doing the third part of the session in the heart of the old town. We heard that "they would not like such a session and why the young couple wanted to have photos in the middle of a city full of people.  They just didn't know that this was the next place in our session and the last part of it. It was here that the young couple decided to take photos of their new family member - a puppy that they recently took to their home. 


Photos in the fine art style

The young people fully trusted me, despite the fact that I took their photos in the fine art style, which I usually use for children's sessions. Thanks to this, their session acquired a magical and unique character and added a fairy, magical character to the photos. It seems that thanks to the processing of fine art, their session became such a success. Of course, without them and the charms of the beauty of Sevilla, it would not be the same. I am grateful for the trust and the opportunity to be their photographer.


The award-winning photo taken in the Spanish Square

As for the award-winning photo, we took it in the Spanish Square, with an old couple walking in the background holding their hands. I found it a perfect moment to create a unique picture. An image that has acquired additional meaning. Because when we look at a young couple in the background, we see this old couple loving each other, going through life together. And we automatically wish for new married ones to share  a similar story. That they can age together and support them all the next years, cultivating their love.


My Mom, my inspiration

After many years of pleading, my mother finally allows me to take pictures of her. She didn't want photos most of her life and hid from the camera. One day I got really angry and asked if she wanted to be remembered. Because if it goes on like this, the grandchildren will have no opportunity to remember her face... I think that's what has convinced her.

From then on, she agrees to all of my crazy and innovative ideas and projects. It is true that in the meantime she laughs that I went crazy photographing an old woman in various styles.

And I have not only gained a beautiful, unique model, but in the end I will have a lot of photos of my mother. Her courage and trust have brought very fruitful, beautiful photos that won many photo magazines or competitions.

Recipients see its inner beauty. The pictures get hundreds of positive comments about her  and photos.

Different styles allow me to look at her from different perspectives and keep the most beautiful memories in my camera. I would also like to look like this at the age of 69.

I appreciate every moment shared and every smile she puts in front of my lenses. She is the woman of my life, my inspiration and my friend.  And what is the most important- I want her to be remembered.


"reflection on memories"

This photo was made to show the power of objects and the memories stored in them. Grandma looks at herself in the mirror and suddenly freezes, staring at the necklace. A necklace that awakens her memories. It symbolizes the passing of time and how important it is to find time and talk to older people who can tell us so many stories about their life and their adventures. Especially given the fact that the time together is always running out.