Fine art photography or natural photos – what is the difference? Communion, family, child, woman, couple. All of them You can have with me and choose the style.

You often ask me what fine-art photography is and how it differs from natural photos.
I decided to write about it. Let me start with a  basic definition of fine-art photography.

"Fine-art photography is a photography created  with the vision of the photographer as an artist, using photography as a medium for a creative expression. The goal of fine-art photography is to express an idea, a message, or an emotion. It is not simply documenting a subject as the camera sees it."
Suorce: Wikipedia

When You choose a fine art photoshoot…

You give me the freedom to create your images. I don’t have to strictly stick to the same colors that the camera found when taking the picture. I can style, create an artistic reality that will become your photos. They usually are more paintery, looking more like an artistic picture than a photograph.

I fell in love with fine art photography because I painted my whole life. I created pictures, copied from the greatest painters like Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, etc. I sold more than one  picture when I was in college. With time, my passion for art and painting turned into a camera. But there is still an artistic soul in me. And this form of photography allows me to be fulfilled not only professionally but also artistically.

It’s best to tell me as much as possible about your expectations when booking a photo session, about the models, who will take part in it, whether it is to be occasional, such as birthday or communion and anything else that you think might be relevant. I should always know how many people will be in the session and at what age. We should choose a place and clothes for the session together. If we want to create a special staging, we need to think on how to achieve it, how to prepare, and what to bring. We can create sessions in sunflowers, oranges or sessions with heroes from fairy tales. We can tell stories about Your relations by creating photo story reportages. Therefore, the key to success is to create a unique idea for unique photos.

Have a look at the photos in here, to understand what fine art photo edition means:

When You choose a natural photoshoot…

You should understand that natural photos do not mean that I did not edit them and I take them straight from the camera. I always assume that someone comes to me for photo sessions in order to get something from me that you will not do yourself – with a phone or other camera.  I know that you expect from me the skills and experience in which I have specialized. That you come to me knowing my style, believing that I will show what’s best in you.

When editing natural photos, I try not to change the shots. It neither adds or subtracts anything from the photos. I do not create light, I do not shape the body, I do not create additional shadows, I do not change the nature of the photos and, above all, I stick to the original colors, for example your clothes.

At the end i will show you photos of the family session, taken in Alcaidesa, 1.5 before sunset. There are photos in 3 stages of work:

  1. Photos from the camera
  2. Natural photo edition- my own, original style
  3. Fine Art photo edition

Click on the photo thumbnails to view them in their original size.