Photo of August 2021 and first place belongs ex aequo to:

Callieanne Jayne Major

Hi everyone. My name is Callie and I live in a little village in Lincolnshire. I would first like to say a massive thank you for this award, this is my first ever award and I am so proud of this image. Photography has always been a passion of mine but once my daughter was born 3 years ago it really gave me the confidence to take more photos. She has been my main model but for the past year I have started using my camera on others. So so nerve wrecking but I’m glad I pushed myself. The girl in the picture was actually from a model call, she was amazing. Winning this has now given me nudge to enter more. Thank you once again!

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Dominika Shaka Wojtas

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Second place:

Katarzyna Kapała

My name is Kasia, I live in the Lubuskie Province in Poland.   I have been photographing for a long time, but so far they were photos for a family album. I have been learning to work in photos (processing) since January this year. I have had a few workshops and I am just fine-tuning my workshop. My main model is my little son who loves to pose. Thank you very much for the award, because it means a lot to me.

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Third Place:

Sylwia Glazer

Hi, my name is Sylwia Glazer, I live in Sieradz.
The adventure with photography began some time ago, with nature photography. Recently my passion turned into work and it turned out that I love it even more.
The artistic world has always had a big influence on me. The world of painting, sculpture or photography stops time for me.
Portrait, conceptual or staged photography can take me into a different world of emotions and the magic I want to show happens in my head.
Recently, I have also run individual workshops for photographers and I am honored to be chosen and I can communicate how beautiful photography can be and what can inspire. How to look at the light, colors and rhythm in a photo and how to create this world and what happens in my heart when I allow myself to be fully creative.
There are a lot of things that inspire me and I want to tell about it with my photography.

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Photographer of August 2021:

Aleksandra Uzdrzychowska

My name is Aleksandra and I come from Poland.  I live in a small town near Opole. Photography has always been my great passion, but it was limited to photos taken with a smartphone or in gusts with a camera with a built-in lens, in addition to automatic settings. Despite this, I always heard that I have an eye. A year ago, I decided to transform my passion into something more. I started from scratch, learning how to use the camera. After that, everything happened very quickly. Apparently, photography was for me, because it suddenly turned out that all my obsessions, which make my everyday life so difficult, work perfectly in the world of photography. I know that there is still a long way ahead of me, but I set out on it with a smile on my face, excitement, how great adventure awaits me and gratitude, because the camera not only became my third eye, but opened the other two for me. Thank you very much for the award, it is a great foundation for me and motivation for further work and development.

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