After many years of pleading, my mother finally allows me to take pictures of her. She didn’t want photos most of her life and hid from the camera. One day I got really angry and asked if she wanted to be remembered. Because if it goes on like this, the grandchildren will have no opportunity to remember her face… I think that’s what has convinced her.

From then on, she agrees to all of my crazy and innovative ideas and projects. It is true that in the meantime she laughs that I went crazy photographing an old woman in various styles.

And I have not only gained a beautiful, unique model, but in the end I will have a lot of photos of my mother. Her courage and trust have brought very fruitful, beautiful photos that won many photo magazines or competitions.

Recipients see its inner beauty. The pictures get hundreds of positive comments about her  and photos.

Different styles allow me to look at her from different perspectives and keep the most beautiful memories in my camera. I would also like to look like this at the age of 69.

I appreciate every moment shared and every smile she puts in front of my lenses. She is the woman of my life, my inspiration and my friend.  And what is the most important- I want her to be remembered.


“reflection on memories”

This photo was made to show the power of objects and the memories stored in them. Grandma looks at herself in the mirror and suddenly freezes, staring at the necklace. A necklace that awakens her memories. It symbolizes the passing of time and how important it is to find time and talk to older people who can tell us so many stories about their life and their adventures. Especially given the fact that the time together is always running out.